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    Get a overview of research on sexual harassment in the nordic hotel, restaurant and tourism industry

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  • Nordic Forum

    Representatives from Nordic Union of Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Tourism workers and its member organizations will gather in Malmö during the 4-5th of October to discuss various important issues concerning the sector and develop strategies to improve the working conditions in the sector and how to strengthen the member organizations influence at the international level.

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  • Dignity for housekeepers

    In the week 31 October to 5 November 2016, the housekeepers’ working conditions will be in focus in many countries worldwide.

  • Great tips for a socially responsible holiday

    No matter where you are planning to go on holiday, your choices as a customer and tourist are very important. Choose a hotel or restaurant with collective agreement!

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IUF Administrative Committee gathered in Copenhagen

14. jun 2017

The IUF Administrative Committee gathered at 3F Headquarters in Copenhagen during 13-15th of June to discuss various important issues regarding IUF work, organizing, fights and wins. This was also a preparation meeting for the upcoming 27th World Congress at the end of August. More than 26 participants from all around the world, both ordinary AC members and observers.
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Photograph: Occupation and Environmental Medicine South

Researchers recommend reducing hotel housekeepers pace of work

11. maj 2017

According to a new study by the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Lund in southern Sweden, hotel housekeeping staff are at great risk of developing strain injuries. Their job involves lifting heavier loads than many jobs in industry, commerce and healthcare, and the researchers are now recommending a reduction in housekeepers’ pace of work, so that they will be expected to clean fewer rooms per day of work. Out of 50 groups of female workers, housekeepers top the list as regards speed of upper arm movement, the greatest amount of bending forward of the back and the greatest strain on the lower arm.
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Collective agreement signed

19. apr 2017

The Hotel- and restaurant Workers' Union (HRF) and the employer organisation Visita have agreed on a new collective agreement for the majority of hotel- and restaurant employees. The agreement assures pay rise with a special investment on low wage workers and time to adjust if your working hours are being sliced (hyvlade). Thus, we recall our strike notice.
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The Nordic Union for Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Tourism sector, is an association of unions in Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, all of which unionise workers of the HRCT industry. The member unions have all made collective agreements with employers organizations and companies in the NU HRCT.

All in all NU HRCT covers seven unions with a total of about 115,000 members.